Ardington House {K & R} //Wedding photographer Oxfordshire

What better to post on a dull February afternoon day than a wedding with heat, light and joy.  K and R got married at the beautiful Ardington House in September 2017.  Like many of my clients their planning was undertaken from abroad, but I did get to briefly meet Karen when she was over in 2016 to sort some details. 
They had a hot hot hot blue sky day. Everyone has an absolute blast!

They are AMAZING! They are all such great shots and it's really nice to see the day unfold in the pictures and such an awesome reminder of the fab day (as it passed too quickly for us)! Love that there are so many snippets of things going on that we didn't see and you managed to capture. And the candid shots are just so good!
Loving every bit of it and we are so incredibly pleased that we had you as our photographer! Thank you for sharing the day with us!
Can't stop raving about the photos! Thank you soooo much!
K & R


Impossible Job
10 years

No not the photography, the end of year picking the highlights bit.  I've shot over 100,000 images. 
It's been a funny year from me...photographically my most enjoyable, personally my hardest ever.  There has been a lot of worry and heartache on the other side of the camera, but friends and family have been amazing and this years collection of work is one I am heartily proud of. 
I have to give a quick mention to Jane Dunlop. My mother in law. She facilitated me in a Photoshop course when I moved over to digital photography many years ago and much of my personal work adorns her walls. She fought a brave battle and her passion and determination have always been and will continue to be an inspiration to me. 
edP will be supporting Pancreatic Cancer UK in her memory this year. 

The job itself is incredible but you guys have blown my mind, I don't even know where to start! I've been all over the UK and it's been just phenomenal, my travels have taken me to the stunning Gower Peninsular, the raw and imposing Lake District, the softness of North Yorkshire,
the bustle of Cardiff , down to the New Forest, splashing in the Cornish coast and a short walk across the woods as well as many other locations.  

I cant possibly show every image that I love so I've just picked some, you see it's not just about the images, some stand out on their own and some make a collection that work to tell a emotive and beautiful story but it's about the people, I have met all sorts of riveting people, all with amazing stories to tell, some that have become good friends. There have been so many surprises along the way this year, including a bride I went to nursery with in London and whom I haven't seen since I was four! 
All your feedback has been humbling and heartwarming and I'm not exaggerating when I say my face splits into a massive grin when I hear how pleased you are ! I have enjoyed the hospitality to the max. 
Of course this post is a bit of shameless adverting but its also a enormous thank you, to my clients, every single person who has made me smile this year, my friends, who put up with social media feeds stacked full of wedding related "stuff" year on year but continue to support me, my photo buddies  are always on hand to lend an ear and keep me company as I edit into the small hours, and my family who actually don't see me in the summer months! 
I work in a very special and unique industry. The people I work with are some of the most talented creatives and passionate people out there.

I look for clients who want beautiful journalistic images that tell a story. The story of day one of the rest of your lives.  

Here are some of the people who have made this year such a special one.

2018 is going to be epic. 

Elmore Court {Lizzie and Alex} // elmore court photographer

Lizzie and Alex tied the knot early in the summer this year at Elmore Court. It's a wedding venue close to my heart, I was one of the first photographers to get to work here and now I have good bonds with team E! It's been great to see the journey the building has gone on and how Elmore Court still continues to evolve and diversify to meet the need of it's clients and as ever in it's own unique and bonkers way. 
You never know what you are going to get with an Elmore Court client, another reason that even though it's local to me it keeps me on my toes. Alex and Lizzie where no different they opted or a classic vibe with a neutral color palette but Lizzie had a surprise for me! We went to nursery together!!  Some of you may know although now very much a country girl am also a home grown Londoner.  My upbringing was super creative and open, not much ruffles me but when Lizzie produced pictures of me that I had never seen before aged 3 I was a bit lost for words! 

They had a fantastic day brimming with laughter and flowing with Prosecco.

                Wedding photographer Gloucestershire

L + D {Stone Barn} //cotswold wedding photographer

I haven't done any blogging recently, naughty me!  Not enough hours in the day this year.  I was shooting at the Stone Barn yesterday and it reminded me of the loveliness that was Lucy and Darren's wedding earlier in the summer. So as I sit watching the rain beating down the office windows I am reminded of warmer days out in the countryside.

L&D had a brilliant wedding. Nothing phased them! Just huge grins all day...and that's all I ask for, although I am made slightly giddy by the opportunity to snap a pair of Valentinos' finest! 

As ever no need to listen to me droning on...... it's only ever about the moments :-)


                Recommended photographer for the Stone Barn

Tunbridge Wells {Keely + Dave} // Chafford Park

 I've just read the most amazing review of you on Rock My Wedding! The bride said you were absolutely incredible and I really loved the photographs she posted - I have my fingers crossed you're available on our date!!

So it started like that.

WOW!! Thank you SO much for our beautiful pictures, we absolutely love them! We are having our family over tonight for a drink and to look through them all together :)
It would be great if you could submit them to RMW - such a dream of mine!!! Fingers crossed :)

"Keely... RMW want you!!"

And ended like this.

 Everything in between was just as it should be. A wedding full of love and passion, tears of joy and rolling laughter, funny anecdotes and crazy dance moves, proud parents and jubilant friends and a sizzling first kiss. A wonderful story to tell,  I hope you enjoy it. 


Venue: Chafford Park, Tunbridge Wells
Band : Motown Gold
Videographer : Roost Films

Lake District wedding and all that jazz. {Alex + Rob}

The best thing about my job?....the diversity. 
Sitting in an Irish Bar in Leicester Square enjoying a beer and a bag of peanuts, I waited for Alex and Rob to get a break from the Theatre . As bookings go this was kind of last minute and was going to involve a 500 mile round trip up to Cumbria and two nights away, so I was eager to find out what the order of the day was. 
Nothing could have prepared me really.  So much creativeness all in one place, with friends and family chipping in at every point to bring this extraordinary day together. 
Usually I look at a wedding and think to myself, how can I tell the story best, framing, composition and my own ability to be creative, where it is warranted, kicks into play.  However as the guests started to converge at Alex's family home I quickly decided that the best way to tell this story was simply to shoot it, to fill my lens with the vibrancy and colour that engulfed me. 
We started the 30 minute trek up to Gibby, the waterfall that Alex enjoyed playing at as a child and the day began...there are so many elements that it is impossible to include them all in one blog post so as ever I have just included some of my favorite frames. 
You never know what you will inadvertently shoot at a wedding and this one held some special moments for me. 

Alex and Rob are the best. So easy going and relaxed, it made this job something special. 



David and Chloe {Stone Barn}

Things are ramping up big time at edP and I will soon be on the the three weddings a week train again, scooting all over our green and pleasant lands leaving me no time, well,  for anything I thought a bit of dedicated wedding loveliness way due.

Chloe and David got married at The Stone Barn, in Aldsworth. A mere 10 miles from my front door. The stone barn is a cracking venue with a great team. I always love working there as apart from it's sunning aesthetics ...I'm a huge foodie and always get a winning plate of food. You remember that old saying..'the way to a photographers heart is through their stomach' !  So true!

So it's spring time in the Cotswold's and the fields are doing their thing......enjoy!

Thanks to Helen Richmond for second shooting this for me.

Manor by the lake {Carly and James} Gloucestershire wedding photographer.

Oh my goodness Eve, you're amazing!
Thank you so very much for our wonderful photos xxx

Back to blogging! YAY.

Carly and James are real legends!! They had such a great day at Manor By The Lake, and I got my first glimpse of the summer ahead when the sun shone for them in the evening.  Always keen to tell the story they just let me do my things and got on with enjoying their day, which was perfect!

I had a load of fun at this wedding, so many smiling faces and happy people.......... amazing!

Kingscote Barn wedding { Mia and Paul }

" Eve,
Thank you so much for being so bloody brilliant, making the change in photographer to you was the best decision we could have made! We absolutley adore our wedding photo's, they bring back so many happy memories and couldn't believe how quickly you got them back to us! AND you wre just so amazing on the day, so calm (sorry for being late!), so organised and you were just EVERYWHERE!?! (but somehow we never saw you! Magic, Haha!!)  I would recommend you to everyone! Mia and Paul

And she did!!

A really lovely winter wedding, Mia was fearless in the fields. Got to hang out with the ever lovely Aymie and Ben from Mrs Mash-Up to! Plus, we enjoyed a hot chocolate from their bespoke drinks station!

Lee from Strawberry Fields Catering did a grand job as usual, and I for one ate like a king.  Here's a bit of this gorgeous couples story...

Elmore Court - A Christmas wedding {Kate and Pete}

"We looked through the photos properly last night (with fizz!) & they're absolutely incredible! Thank you so much - you captured the day perfectly & it was so lovely to be able to bring back those memories on a dreary January day! We can't wait for everyone else to see them now.
Thank you also for being absolutely amazing on the day - you made Pete, me & all our family & friends so at ease & that really shows in the photos. I can't count the number of people who've said to me they didn't even notice you there taking photos which is exactly what we were looking for. We will definitely be recommending you to everyone - even if they don't ask for recommendations!" 

Christmas feels like so long ago now, but I couldn't go any longer without sharing the wedding that saved mine.
December was packed filled with weddings this year.  It's tough to be a photographer in the winter. The light (a photographers best friend) makes a fleeting appearance, and the landscape is harsh and bare. Luckily I love a challenge and this winter I have had a few.  But all work and no play make's eve rather un-festive and as I arrived at Elmore Court in late December with a Christmas to do list so long I had no idea where to start and  I was most certainly feeling very BAH HUMBUG!

Then Kate walked in with that smile and I knew the day was going to be dreamy, little did I know by the time I was due to leave, as they sat down to eat, then I was practically a Christmas elf.  

Kate and Peter had a beautiful ceremony on crisp December day. 

The carols sung by the guests in the main hall were nothing short of mind blowing.  A choir that rang out through the historic building in front of Elmore's impressive Christmas tree. I couldn't walk away from this one without being touched by the magic that is Christmas.

Beauty at the Kingscote Barn. {Charlie and Rich}

Oh i'm so behind with my blogging. It's been a super busy December but here is a bit of loveliness in the shape of Charlie and Rich's gorgeous winter wedding at the Kingscote Barn.   All my couples have been so fantastic this year and Charlie and Rich were no exception.  I love the warm wintry tones they used, and check out the sun going down.   A beautiful day for an ultra lovely couple. 

eve dunlop PHOTOGRAPHY : TWENTY SIXTEEN in pictures.

2016 has been a super tough year out in the big wide world.


Seriously folks, on many levels 2016 has been a stinker, with some personal hurdles and wider world problems, but on the flip side I have met some of the most incredible, dynamic, beautiful, soulful, and laugh out loud close the the bone funny people EVER this year. 

I have literally had my breath taken away by moments, and left weddings with my heart swelling with joy.  

The messages you guys have sent me have had me laughing, crying and feeling immensely humbled. They have literally had me grinning like a fool all day.  My job is actually really personal, people bare their souls right in front of you, emotion is often palpable and it's impossible not to feel a connection.

You have all ROCKED! I have had not one word of complaint as you have braved the most horrific weather in your finery, donned your wellingtons, got soaked to the skin, endured hurricanes and blistering hot afternoons.  You're awesome and I thank you for your fearlessness. 

There is one photo in this collection that really outlines how I feel about photography. Shortly after the image was edited I got an email from the bride. Her grandfather had passed away. It makes that single image the most important I have shot this year. Photographs that mean something now become more important as time time goes on. Capturing the moment that tell's a story is what it's all about for me.
To have people build there whole wedding around your involvement is incredible and very sobering when you think of the expectations.  But everything I have shot this year is all you, whether shy or outgoing, romantic or giggly I am just there to record and observe and I have had a blast. 

I have to give a humongous shout out to the other suppliers who also help bring all this together. The dress makers, cake makers, florists, venue's, caterers (this years food has been exceptional, I've been spoilt rotten and had to go on a pre -Christmas diet!)  Among the highlights was my very own picnic hamper that I enjoyed on the Cornwall Coast, the Curry from the award winning restaurant and the food from a local supplier who always keeps me full to the brim! Magicians, pizza makers, bands, DJ's, MUA and hairdressers have all played a part and make the wedding community one of the best things to be involved in.  I also have a big network of Photographer friend's and to have all that talent to bounce idea's off and overcome problems with at your fingertips is brilliant.

With a grand total of 58 weddings (three more to go!) I can't possibly include everyone but I can assure you I enjoyed shooting every single one.  Here are a few moments that I love from this year.
 Thank's for being brilliant.
Wishing you all a peaceful and happy Christmas. 2017 I'm ready for you!!!   




Happy New year, here's to a fab 2017.

Stone Barn Wedding { Alex and Sam } //eve dunlop PHOTOGRAPHY

“Eve was exactly what we wanted from a wedding photographer, she blended in, we didn’t feel like we were hosting her but she got to all the right places and got some incredible shots. We both wanted natural, unstaged photos and that is exactly what we got but with some extra magic! I would definitely recommend Eve!”

I couldn't let another moment go by without posting the super cool wedding of Alex and Sam.  If autumn colours are your thing then you will LOVE the incredible styling.  Held at one of my favorite venues, Cripps Stone Barn in Aldsworth, Alex and Sam's wedding incorporated a relaxed boho look and warm autumnal tones.  They utterly nailed the look, with feather and flower headdresses.

Everyone was super nice and fun a great example of why my job rocks!

This was everything a wedding should be, filled with laughter, good vibes, and great tunes. 

If winters left you a bit cold,...this is sure to warm you up!

I'm a recommended supplier at Cripps Stone Barn. Please go to for more information.

Elmore Court Wedding {Ankur and Mandish}

I shot a very special wedding this year. Ankur and Mandish held their beautiful and moving wedding day at Elmore Court in Gloucestershire.
The day was full of love and colour and all good things.  The planning was looked after by the very organised and lovely Jane from Planned for Perfection.
Team E (Elmore's A team ) hosted Five Rivers Restaurant in their Kitchen who provide the delicious curry for the wedding breakfast and some astonishingly good canapes.
Good food and lots of laughter filled the Gilly flower.  I  have to mention the cake.... what a cake. The detail of which replicated Mandish's wedding dress.  Utterly stunning and created by the very talented Curtis and Co. Cakes.

I also got to meet the very dapper Benjamin Foster from Foster Filming, it was lovely to chat to him all day.

The food kept on coming with Pizza Monkey turning up in the evening to sustain the guests and a good thing to, as once the Bhangra dropped the dance floor was heaving.

This lovely pair have a very happy future ahead. Big congratulations to Mandish's sister who had a baby boy a few weeks after the wedding. Happy days indeed!

Stone Barn Wedding {Gen and James}

The photos are amazing. You've captured so many of the wonderful moments from the day, we can't stop looking at them! 

My sister Charlotte is especially pleased that she can finally get some photos of my niece Em blown up and on the wall. And it's great to have them in time for Christmas so we can frame some for people as presents.

Mwhaaa... I love a good wedding! This was definitely good wedding. Gen and James were amazing and such a good laugh. Plus I had a team of helpers, with Helen covering groom prep and Naomi on my wing as my second shooter we had everything covered.  Clayton, the Stone Barn's go to man, was, as ever a true gent, seeing me safely up the ladders to get "the everybody shot".  

Gen had chosen the lovely Clare from Pure Pampering to do her make-up and that's always a good decision!  

The Stone Barn is known for it's amazing food and the barn itself has a cool agricultural vibe but with roaring fires and and twinkling lights it really pulls off the wow factor.  

Gen looked beautiful in her stunning and unusual gown and who can dislike a handsome man in a kilt eh, and their were plenty of those around.  It was an utter pleasure to record their day and I know myself, Helen and Naomi loved it!

2017 is almost fully booked with only a couple of date available! Now booking 2018 on wards...

Elmore Court wedding photographer. {Catherine and Ray} // Destination wedding photographer.

"Eve these are incredible!!!! We just can't believe how well you captured the day!!! We love every single one!
We can't stop looking at them!!
Thank you so much for being brilliant and fabulous on the day. Everyone is raving about you!!
Catherine and Ray X "

This wedding was INSANE.  

I dont think there is a single photo where someone is not howling with laughter. 

The venue was the spectacular Elmore Court, nothing really rivals it if you are looking for a luxury venue without  pomp and ceremony, where pretty much anything goes and for all it's uniqueness and grandeur you actually feel like you are partying at a friends house. 

The couple where Catherine and Ray. Amazing people! Turned their wedding on it's head, none of that not seeing the bride before the ceremony stuff, and they still managed tears during the ceremony.  Catherine forgot to pack Ray's boxers and we nearly ended up with a commando groom! Luckily they were put in a taxi! 

Music filled the day, as did laughter and magic! Richard Parsons provided me with some classic images of utterly delighted guests as he demonstrated his incredible 'magical' talent. 

As ever the venue looked stunning. Jenny Fleur created utterly beautiful floral displays.  She is indeed a talented soul! 

The awesomeness didn't stop there!  Sunsets and sparklers and the most fun loving, awesome guests that you could ever pack together in one space.  They danced and sang all day. 

The cheeky little grin coming from the door... well that's Louise, part of Team E. She loves a good party and keeps the day running smoothly.

Here is Catherine and Ray's definitive guide on how to rock a wedding......

Are you getting married at Elmore Court? I am thrilled to be one of their long standing recommended suppliers and would love to hear from you if your are having a here.  Classical or crazy I love them all! 

Hyde Barn {Christelle and Jon} //Cotswold wedding

"We have just sat down with a glass of champagne to look through the photos and we are THRILLED. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, you are a real artist. Thank you so much for all your efforts, it just makes reliving the memories so much nicer to see such special moments of the day captured so beautifully. We love the candid shots and can't believe we didn't notice you going around and getting them. It is a beautiful collection of photographs and we are so pleased we booked you and would recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much."

I really enjoyed this wedding over the summer.  It was held at the Hyde Barn nr Stow- on- the- wold. such a pretty area of the world and relatively close to my door step.  

The florist Jenny Fleur dressed the barn exquisitely in white and green florals. 

Holly + Adam //Bristol wedding photographer

"My goodness!There aren't really words adequate enough to describe how in love we are with our photographs. 

We have just sat in the sun on our balcony with a bottle of champagne and enjoyed every single second of looking through every single moment you captured. 

You thought of everything and everyone and all of the photographs are stunning. Thank you so much. What we particularly loved was seeing all the moments we forgot Or missed - that was nothing short of magical. 

I knew our photos would be beautiful and I am so glad that I booked you first - even before we had a venue but you have even surpassed the expectations I had. 

We are elated, emotional and totally ecstatic with the outcome. Please please send us your address so that we can say thank you properly."

I met Holly at a wedding I shot a couple of years ago. It was for a friend of a friend who hadn't really been to fussed about even having a photographer. I laugh when I remember when Tory first phoned me, she really wasn't that interested in the photography, that soon changed, in fact even to this day her social media is flooded with wedding pictures. The beautiful Tores is one of my most successful converts! <3

Holly was a bridesmaid at Tory's wedding in 2014 and happened to get engaged herself to Adam the following week , then booked in with me straight away which is so lovely.

So we all waited for summer 2016 to roll around and Holly and Adams time finally came and it was just perfect! HOT HOT HOT and it rocked.  x


Emma & Nicholas //wedding photographer Derbyshire

Bloody LOVE the pics!!!!
Just wanted to let you know that you were an absolute legend on the day - I asked you so many questions about how a wedding is supposed to work and you just answered and solved so many of my worries on the day. Honestly couldn't have been a better person to have there...oh and your photography is bloody brilliant also!!

So Emma bloody loved the pictures and I bloody loved the wedding, match made in heaven!  This post is a bit longer than the norm, so I hope you're sitting comfortably? 

It was all set in the wonderful county of Derbyshire . I got a phone call from Emma last year, she had been hunting for her photographer and had come across me.  Fast forward 8 months, a number of emails and it was time for our Skype call.  Emma and Nicholas are based is Australia, so with time differences sorted out we had a chat. This is when I started to really look forward to the day, they are a super lovely couple and showed an interest in heading back to Ashover Rock in Derbyshire, where they got engaged to get some shots on the day. I always love a fearless couple so was completely up for it and it was so worth it!!!

I headed up to Derbyshire the night before the wedding, literally leaving one wedding and heading to the next.  Here I hooked up with Aymie and Ben aka Mrs Mashup, awesome wedding film makers based in Bristol. It's great to work with people that you love especially when you are far from home...  shout out to Ben who I followed home through all the diversions in the wee small hours, you're a hero !

The day was just perfect, Emma's bridesmaids were such fun and so nice. During the morning I got an alert on my phone ,  some photographer friends were having a discussion about iphones and Ipads at weddings. Another photographer and good friend had shared an image of people so desperate to capture their shot they had obstructed the isle and in turn the photographer. So we stared talking about unplugged wedding's and Emma wanted to understand what that was. One of Emma's creative bridesmaid's quickly put a board together discouraging photography in the church so instead of a sea of blue screens and fruit logo's I was blessed with happy smiley faces! So thanks to Rob for the post and to Emma's lovely bridesmaid for the artwork!! 

It was just an utterly brilliant day, Emma and Nicholas had a picture taken with Emma's Grandparents who attended the church service but not the reception, the frame taken seconds after the formal shot had an incredible reaction. The power of a moment never fails to delight and surprise me. 

I often get quite attached to my work, I guess because I am a creative...and I remember each image I've taken, sometimes it's important that the context of a moment is seen and sometimes the moment itself is all that needs to be recorded, fixing a moment that has vanished within a second or two is what my photography is all about. I don't need to make moments happen, they are always there, I try to be creative with my photography.  Ultimately I'm there to record a story and this story was a pleasure to record....

So are you getting married in Australia? Then yippee, you guys know how to PARTY! Get in touch :-)  If it's near Emma and Nicholas I have a place to stay too :-)
//Wedding photographer Australia //Wedding photography Derybshire

Elmore Court Wedding {Natalie and Tom}

"We had the most prefect day and you played such an important part in making it great! You made us all feel so calm and comfortable, even Tom was chilled out!!  :) we really appreciated your advice too. Lots of our guests have complimented how good they thought your were on the day particularly the 'mums' who were soo impressed by your style and presence. Helen was lovely too and we didn't mind having her there at all. Honestly it felt like you were part of our wedding party which is testament to you. " 

Natalie and Tom

Elmore Court never disappoints and Natalie and Tom's wedding was no exception.  The staff have got this wedding thing nailed..anything goes, it always looks superb and everyone at every wedding I have shot there feels like it's their home from home. 

Natalie and Tom hired a crack team for this wedding, the styling was incredible and every detail was perfect. They enjoyed a music filled happy, sunny day, there guest's were bubbly and mischievous and everyone had such a good time.  I had Helen Richmond by my side doing some training and she really fitted in and got some great shots of me at work.

Natalie and Tom are such a great the saying goes, made for each other!   

The A-list Line up (seriously you don't get better than this...)

Hair : The supremely talented Chris Fordham from
MUA : Emily Tarrant, I've worked along side Emily a lot this year, and her work is flawless.
Flowers: Sorori. Hands down one of the most talented florists in the country.
Styling : Lauren Grey, part of the Sorori brand
Stationary: Lizzy- May Design

All these talented folk came together to create a beautiful day....and I got to take the snaps :-)

If you would like to have a chat about your wedding at Elmore Court then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am luckily enough to be one of there recommended suppliers and always love to hear about peoples wedding plans for the venue.  Relaxed informal photography to record your day.  Limited dates available in 2017.

Hannah and Mark// Epic Cornish Wedding

Eeeevvve, the pictures are SO SO SO AWESOME!!!! We got your email on the last night of our honeymoon and looked at them in bed with a glass of Prosecco in hand- what a way to end our first holiday as husband and wife!
We love every photo! Thank you so much for capturing the day so perfectly and bringing back all the fantastic memories. They may have even brought the odd tear to our eyes! Everyone said how fab you were and they've loved the Facebook teasers-wait until they see the whole album, it'll blow their minds!!

I met Hannah at a wedding fayre. Which is unusual in itself as I don't really do them, but had stepped in to fill a gap. Hannah told me about her plans for her wedding in Cornwall and I couldn't wait to hear more. Hannah phoned to confirm my availability before I had even got home and once the logistical stuff was sorted out Hannah and Mark confirmed their booking.  Now I have always maintained that good wedding photography is 80% good photography skills but the magic and undeniable wow factor lurks in the other 20% of just getting on with your clients, getting what they want from their wedding and building up a trust and mutual liking that means you can have a good time together and this shows in the final result and I love these two!! 

I went to meet Hannah and Mark in Bath for an engagement shoot.  It was raining so we ducked into a cafe to talk about the wedding.  I think I could have stayed there all day. But we headed out and had a nice time wandering around Bath. More chat than photo's as I recall, but that's all part of it!  Lot's of banter and laughter. 

So fast forward a few weeks and I'm on my way to Cornwall. And I do love to be beside the seaside, yes I do love to be beside the sea.....

I get a quick venue recce under my belt, find a nice beach bar and relax before a busy day at work.

I spent the morning at Hannah's parents house, with the bridesmaids and two kittens before heading to the beautiful church in the village.  After a lovely ceremony Hannah, Mark,  myself and their chauffeur headed for a little jaunt along the beautiful Cornish coastline.   I would love to say the beaches were deserted, but in fact there were millions of holiday makers getting crispy on the sand. Never has a bride been congratulated by so many people, Speedo wearing gents and overexcited children feverishly waving buckets and spades around, clapped and whooped.  We found some spots and took some pictures before heading over to the reception. 

Hannah and Marks venue could literally take your breath away. Situated in a field, overlooking a bay and the aquamarine waters of the Cornish coastline,  stood a lovely tipi marquee.  Swathed internally in patterned fabric, it was simply idyllic. 

Mark sang a beautiful ballad to his new wife, the speeches were hilarious and the whole day was utterly perfect.

Blue skies, calm waters, good friends and family, and for me new friends and this is just a little look......

Hannah and Mark. You totally owned your wedding photography! Your USB will be on it's way soon .

Are you having a wedding by the sea? I would love to here more. Wedding photography Cornwall // Cornish wedding photography.

Priors Tythe Barn {Sinead and Mike}

"Just had a look through all of them and they’re amazing! You managed to get everything we hoped you would and more. Nice to have a little post-honeymoon reminisce too…and wishing we could do it all again!"

Sinead and Mike are just the sweetest couple.  They had strong thoughts on what they wanted for their wedding and the day was music and fun filled just as they had planned! I hung out with Sinead in the morning at her hotel and and snapped away at the lovely moments that unfolded. They chose Priors Tithe Barn for their reception and married at the church next door. The weather was beautiful, bright and warn but with moody skies in the distance, perfect light for me, and its all about the light! 

Sinead and Mark were pretty fearless to, Sinead opted to go bare foot, instead choosing beautiful detailed foot decorations (we couldn't decide what they should be called) and scaling the fences to get these oh so lovely field shots taken next to the Priors Tithe Barn.  Here is a little preview and some of my personal favorites from this brilliant day.....

If you're getting married at Priors Tythe Barn and would like to chat about your wedding then please don't hesitate to get in touch... Here

Seymours Court Farm {Alan and Kate}

Hello lovely Eve!

Well this was a lovely email to come home to after a long day at work. The photos have perfectly captured the best. Day. Ever! So much joy, so many (happy) tears, a beautiful location with our favorite people. Thank you very very much for being so easy to work with and, in the nicest possible way, blending in so seamlessly that we didn't even notice you were there snapping all of the things that we couldn't possibly have remembered or seen!

Iv'e been on my feet for the last few days as wedding season hits it's busiest peek.  So I thought what nicer to do on a Sunday morning than put a blog together.  I will be editing for the rest of the day but nothing inspires me more than picking a select few of my favorite and funniest images of a day. That's the thing about weddings, for me anyway. You spend the most intimate day with a couple and their closest friends and family. You learn their history, see their loves. their taste, their relationships that have been forged over many years with different people. Hear the stories, laugh with them and on occasion (not this one) cry with them, and during all this you need to pick those moments that tell the story best. 

So this is Kate and Alan, previously having enjoyed a chat on good old Skype I knew that they were a laid back, happy, fun couple.  And this was their day,  filled with Sunshine, tears and Cricket.  Utterly beautiful and perfect in every way.  I love the fact that Kate and her sister would shed a tear at any given moment, dehydration was a real worry :-)  You could see the strong family bonds on both sides.  Kate's flower girl was her little french niece, she didn't fall for any of my usual tricks employed to get the children involved in the group shots. I met my match with her and to right to, who wants to be told what to do by a stranger who want's you to stand still , keep clean, and look at her!! 

I didn't get hit by a Cricket ball (or catch any either!) Although it was tempting just to get involved but I did enjoy a very relaxed and magical day, and here is a teeny tiny bit....

Wedding location Setmours Court Farm.

Kingscote Barn {Tommy + Lauren }

We got back from our honeymoon late last night so your timing couldn't have been any better!! 

We've both just looked through and we absolutely love them all. They are beautiful! It's also helped me remember the day from start to finish again as it went by so quick. You've caught some real classics in there. 

You were great Eve and we are so pleased we chose you as our photographer.

Same again next Thursday!?! 

Tommy and Lauren, got married at the Kingscote Barn in Gloucestershire and they had such a lovely day. Both are super chilled and where unruffled by the threat of rain and decided to go ahead and hold their ceremony outside in the gorgeous Gloucestershire countryside.  It's great being a wedding photographer based in Gloucestershire as their are so many great venues on my door step and the Kingscote Barn never disappoints. 

Lauren's dress was so elegant, to the point that I wondered about walking them through the Gloucestershire farmland, but how could I not! They owned their wedding photography, were happy and bubbly and lovely. Bet  its a theme forever more. 

Here's a little preview of their day. 

 a recommended supplier for the Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire.

Emma and James and a whole lot of love //Somerset wedding photographer

Wedding season is in full swing now, and I've been looking forward to this one! I first met Emma stagger around in muddy field in the winter, with dogs around our ankles sipping on Sloe Gin in an attempt to keep our toes warm, and It was an honor to be asked to shoot her wedding.

Emma and James enjoyed this lovely celebration at their Somerset home,  I was joined by Helen my second shooter who came and took over covering the groom prep for me.

It was a lovely day, James and Emma's children had huge amounts of fun with their friends playing garden games as the adults chatted and indulged in delicious treats.